Gathering Fest

15 Jun 2019 Vancouver Free


Time : 3:30
Venue : Emery Barmes Park
Contact Website :

The Downtown South Gathering Place Community Centre Association (DSGPCCA) provides for a disadvantaged and marginalized population in Vancouver’s Downtown South. We exist to help the community by developing plans and providing funding for recreational and cultural programming and special events. The Association assists The Gathering Place Community Centre in the operation of a wide variety of programs, including a low cost cafeteria offering three meals a day, recreational programs that includes a weight room, billiards, etc., arts and music programming that features ceramics and music jam sessions, free health and hygiene services including showers and laundry services, community information, free mail, phones and messaging services, a library and reading room, educational services and a multitude of other services offered to the public. The DSGPCCA also acts as an advisory board to Gathering Place Director and staff.

The Gathering Festival has gained popular support in the community and has become one of our primary events. It is held annually in mid-summer at Emery Barnes Park. The Festival is a joint production of the Downtown South Gathering Place Community Centre Association and the Gathering Place Community Centre.